About us

The emergence of Biocare Products

Biocare Products was created in June 2014. The Green People brand was not represented within the BENELUX. Such a beautiful and very promising brand that was not sold in Dutch stores. We thought eternal sin. Contact was made with the Green People headquarters in England, after which a meeting soon followed. Before we knew it, there was a warehouse in the Netherlands filled with products from Green People and we were able to get started. Biocare Products was a fact

The vision of Biocare Products

Our vision? We believe in natural skin care because they do not affect the self-healing capacity of the skin and, if necessary, support this process. Sustainable products are often better for you and better for the environment. How can we not believe this?

All our brands have a story, a vision, a philosophy. When we start with a brand, we put everything in here. We always sell the complete range and are responsible for the marketing - sales & distribution of all our brands

The team of Biocare Products

Our team now consists of Erik, Suzanne, Michelle, Marlou, Jasmijn, Evy and Rachel.

We all have an affinity with natural skin care and sustainable products. The right expertise concerns wholesale to actually put brands on the map. A considerable body of experience in the field of skin therapy in order to be able to advise our brands as well as possible and to be able to give the right training for the shopkeeper and beauty specialists.

We are a small and young team and very passionate about serving our customers as well as possible.

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