Organic Socks of Sweden

Organic Socks of Sweden was founded in 2016 with a mission to contribute to a better world through reasonably produced, non-toxic, high-quality socks made from naturally grown cotton. Our socks are designed in Sweden and produced in India according to Global Organic Textile Standard-GOTS.

It all started with a lot of love for nature and a clear passion for a better future. Mudassar, the founder of Organic Socks grew up in the industrial Fasalabad in Pakistan and was conquered by the color of 100,000 textile factories. This aroused so much curiosity that he went on to study textile technology and eventually made it to Product Engineer at one of the world's largest stocking manufacturers. So Organic Socks was born from a dream, a lifelong dream. Mudassar traveled 3000 miles to develop himself and obtained a master's in Textile Value Chain Management at the University of Boras in Sweden. That is also the heart of Organic Socks of Sweden. The resulting passion for the Norwegian countries is reflected in the collection through the colorful very trendy designs.

Organic Socks of Sweden products

Organic Socks of Sweden offers a unique collection of high quality comfortable organic antibacterial and odor resistant socks. In these products, not only is the yarn organic, but the entire supply chain, from cotton growth to the finished product, is GOTS certified. This certification confirms that no toxic chemicals, no child labor and no environmental damage are involved in the production process.

This cotton is only grown naturally. Our production is certified as environmentally friendly to protect the environment and the health of our employees. We add the passion and inspiration of Noordland to deliver unique collections of high-quality organic socks and underwear in colorful designs. With your purchases, Organic Socks of Sweden can donate one percent of sales to empower poor families and girls' education in rural Pakistan.

What exactly does GOTS certification mean?

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. It is an independent certificate for clothing and textiles that is known worldwide.

With GOTS certification you can assume that:

Organic. At least 70% of the material is organically grown and produced.
Non-toxic. No chemicals have been used that may cause irritation or pollute the environment .
Fairly Produced Safe working conditions, child labor and no discrimination are some of the social criteria that must be followed, and are regularly checked for.

Official distributor and wholesaler of Organic Socks Of Sweden

Biocare Products is (exclusive) wholesaler of organic and environmentally friendly socks from Organic Socks of Sweden. As an importer and distributor of Organic Socks of Sweden, the entire range of socks is available in our own warehouse. This allows us to always tell you how much is in stock. Because we as a wholesaler also do the marketing of Organic of Socks within the Benelux, we can also help you with training staff for the sale of sustainable and or organic products. Any questions or need advice about Organic Socks of Sweden products? Contact us via Algemeen@biocareproducts.nl or by telephone. We are happy to help!

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