SuperBee BeeWraps

An alternative to plastic in the kitchen, children and travelers

SuperBee Wax Wraps offer an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. As a replacement for plastic wrap and plastic containers, SuperBee Wax Wraps can be used as a plastic-free food storage for food scraps and snacks. The Wax Wraps are made from 100% cotton, beeswax, organic coconut oil, tree resin and love. Beeswax is a natural antibacterial agent, while coconut oil and tree resin make our wraps sticky so that they mold to your food.

SuperBee Wax Wraps are not only great for food storage, they also help you organize items you have found at home. Our Beeswax Wraps come in four sizes for large and small items.

The story behind SuperBee Wax Wraps

SuperBee was created by a house mother of three children who wanted to earn some extra money. Good and healthy food has always been central to her family's life, which is why they also grow most vegetables themselves and keep their own chickens, goats, sheep and pigs. When she ran into a problem, SuperBee was born. After all, food had to be kept fresh, and growing concerns worldwide about the safety of plastic meant that plastic was no longer an option. The aim was therefore to find an alternative to plastic to keep food well and keep it fresh.

Zero waste
SuperBee Wax Wraps are handmade with love from high-quality, locally produced materials: 100% organic cotton, pure beeswax, organic coconut oil and tree resin.

We have FCM, FDA, BPA FREE and GMP certification. Our beeswax is sustainably harvested from local farmers without the use of chemicals. Our suppliers follow the GMP and GPA guidelines and are GOTS and OTOP certified.

How do you use the Wax Wrap?

The wraps can be used for covering food, packing and storing food, transporting food outside and thanks to the kneadability you can also easily make trays or other shapes to store food in. The wraps are easy to clean by washing them by hand with detergent and lukewarm water.

Retail boxes are available for presentation in physical stores .

Official distributor and wholesaler of Superbee BeeWraps

As (exclusive) distributor of Superbee BeeWraps we have the complete range in our own warehouse at Biocare Products. As an importer and distributor of SuperBee BeeWraps, we can advise you on the products and also offer product and / or sales training for the SuperBee BeeWraps through our exclusive team. Giving you the best way to sell SuperBee BeeWraps. As a wholesaler of sustainable and / or organic products, SuperBee BeeWraps is a nice addition to our range of different brands, all of which are organic and / or sustainable. Do you have any questions about the SuperBee BeeWraps? Biocare products is there to help you, so feel free to contact us at Algemeen@biocareproducts.nl or by telephone so that we can help you further.

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